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I LOVE SHEFFIELD. What a great place to live. After University, I always said I didn’t want to go back to living in Sheffield but I’m so, so glad I did. It’s such a fantastic location with so much to offer and I love being part of it. Sheffield boasts many great artists and creatives and an obvious Sheffield pride comes across in a lot of their works.

We have a fair bit of local artwork in our house, the latest addition we created from a gorgeous set of postcards my hubby picked up from the Millennium Galleries for £7.00 called The Sheffield Alphabet created by Eleven for www.ourfaveplaces.co.uk, Sheffield’s online culture guide. Beautifully illustrated by Alys Mordecai, the postcards depict a familiar flavour of Sheffield through their A-Z definitions. “A is for Arts Tower, B is for Bandstand… Our Sheffield Alphabet takes you on a tour of the city from A-Z, via J is for Jarvis and T is for Trams.” The graphics are lovely and each one has a little fact or story about it on the reverse, written by Kathryn Hall.


‘N is for Norfolk Park’

“On the site of what was once a large deer park, Norfolk Park was one of the first in the country to open to the public free of charge. It is now the only place in the city where, at the annual Sheffield Fayre, it is possible to see an American Civil War encampment recreated side-by-side with scenes of the French Resistance.”


‘T is for Trams’

“Sheffield was one of the last cities in the country to close its original tramway, with thousands gathering to wave farewell to its tramcars in October 1960. In 1994 we welcomed them back. Sheffield’s 25 Supertrams currently run along 3 lines, across 37 miles of track, calling at 48 stops.”

As well as being my eldest son’s favourite postcard, it is an interesting one for me as we recently took our boys to Criche Tramway Museum and saw one of these last and final tramcars, such beautiful, elegant pieces of design, I think they should still look like this!




We have now made a beautiful piece of artwork for our lounge with the postcards by fixing them side by side in a grid and they look stunning hanging, framed above our sofa.  I’m really pleased with it and the colours go perfectly with our room. A great talking point too!


IMG_4113 IMG_4114

My favourite postcards from the pack are ‘H is for Hills’ and ‘V is for Views’ as these are definitely my favourite things about Sheffield. This morning we had a drive out into the Peaks to “Sheep Poo Mountain” as we call it, or better known as Higger Tor, for a morning of rock hopping in the glorious sunshine above a gorgeous blanket mist of clouds – the views were breathtaking as always.






What are your favourite things about Sheffield???

Answers on a postcard please…

K x



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