A Happy (Hot) Halloween


What a fabulous day! The company and the weather! Today we have been on a pumpkin treasure hunt at Chatsworth Gardens in Derbyshire.

Chatsworth is one of my favourite places to be (and one very close to my heart as my hubby proposed to me there!). A stunning stately home and gardens in the Peak District, Chatsworth is such a beautiful setting on a gloriously warm Autumnal day (and the hottest Halloween on record apparently!!!)


We followed the map provided around the garden in search of the hidden pumpkins. Some had letters carved into them and we had to crack the code to enter a competition to win a membership pass (I have all my fingers and toes crossed!)

My two little intrepid, spooky explorers (and the big one) got stuck right in and off we went, haring around, ticking off the root vegetable treasures!




Hidden in tunnels, up high on the house, in the middle of lakes, at the top of the cascades, amongst a spooky scarecrow graveyard, we searched out the pumpkins high and low, through mazes, scrambling up rocks and round and round the gorgeous gardens. And what a treat the weather was, we definitely worked up a sweat and rewarded ourselves with a tasty ice cream treat.







We had a most enjoyable day of pumpkin fun, before heading home for trick or treating with friends. Their outfits certainly had some good use this year!


Getting the kids into bed after the amount of booty they collected was a feat, but once snoozing, the big kids had a nice relaxing evening by the light of the pumpkins (including the decorated tea light holders from 2 years ago!). With wine of course. And said booty 😉


All spooked out for another year.

K x

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