Happy Mother’s Day x


Mothering Sunday. A day dedicated to appreciating all the special people around us and saying thanks for everything they do for us. Something we should all do every day really, but to give it some extra importance one a year is nice. (If not a chance for all the shops to put their prices up!) But I think a home made gift is just as special, and as important as all the other thoughtful gestures we can make to show someone that their appreciated.

I made my Mum and my hubby’s Mum a little gift from some gorgeous Bonne Maman jam jars (I have a thing about glass jars!). The Bonne Maman ones are especially luuuurvely, I love the embossed logo and the lovely arched edges. I painted them up in a bit of Annie Sloan chalk paint and gave them a good waxing to reveal the beautiful sharper edges and the logo.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 17.14.51

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 17.14.13

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 17.12.58

They are intended as tea light holders so when the candle is lit, it shines through the clear bits of glass and makes pretty patterns. But for Mothers Day we gave them with a beautiful bunch of daffs inside (and a cheeky box of chocs). Bonne Maman candle holders for our fabulous Bonnes Mamans. Thanks Mums you are ace xxx

I was spoilt too by my boys. We miraculously got a lie in (that’s 7:30am to you) and then they came bouncing in with my cards and presents. I got 3 beautifully hand made cards which I LOVE, a stunning orchid stem and a gorgeous scarf which my eldest chose for me.




Then we went up to one of our favourite places for lunch with my Mum and the rest of the family at Whirlow Hall Farm at the Cruck Barn Cafe – lovely. We even got a chance to stroke the rabbits and guinea pigs – so cute!



Now its off for a delicious roast dinner with my hubby’s folks. Lovely to be able to spend time with everyone that is close to us and say ‘thanks for being you.” xxxx

Happy Mother’s Day to all the bonnes mamans, step mums, honorary mums, past, present & future mums out there. Keep doing what you’re doing xx

K x

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