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Kids grow up so fast. Zoooom and they got big! But their clothes stay the same size. You only have to blink and they no longer fit into that adorable baby grow or that favourite, cute t-shirt. I hate putting their clothes away – it’s lovely if you’re planning to get them out again one day for another hopeful child, but if you’re done with that pukey, sleepless, nappy filled era, then it’s actually quite sad getting rid of those once-loved garments.

Do not fear, I have a solution to your moping and your sad hiccuppy tears! Yey!

Personalised artwork made with your own fabric!

Pass that beautiful, much-loved onesie my way and, from it, I will create a beautiful keepsake piece of memorabilia artwork just for you to keep forever! Let me create a personalised canvas for you, using the fabric from those adored baby clothes.

The Minis for Minis range of children’s personalised artwork is my most popular range,
The beautiful (and some vintage!) fabrics I use, are all upcylced to create the individual letters and designs on your artwork, with stencils that I created myself. However, if you would like, you could send me your own fabric from a special clothing garment to be used instead, making your piece even more bespoke.

Here are two Minis for Minis name canvases that I created from a baby grow that had been passed down and worn by two sisters. Just lovely.

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The Babygrow I used. Worn by both sisters.

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Here’s what their Mum had to say:

“I love these and I look at them every day, much better than the garment being stored away in a memory box in the attic!”

Minis for Minis – the perfect gift and keepsake!

The Minis for Minis range offers a gorgeous selection of personalised artwork for your little minis. Choose from Original Minis for Minis individual letters name canvases or a Minis for Minis Onesie canvas for a more all-in-one gift option.

See the making of your artwork here!

Most popular range! I have lots of loyal and wonderful customers who keep coming back to me every time there is a new baby in town. I LOVE creating the Minis for Minis artwork and personalising each piece with the fabulous names that people choose. If you are interested in having me create some personalised artwork for your kids, please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!

K x

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