A Lasting Love


How do you make love last forever?! Now there’s a question. To which I don’t have the answer. But that’s not really what I mean. This is a piece about how I helped one lovely bride and groom to keep their wedding memories alive every day, by creating bespoke artwork with treasured elements of their big day. In a big way!

Lovely bride, Melanie, wanted to commission a piece of bespoke wedding memorabilia artwork to remember her special day. She liked the idea of having separate canvases to spell the word LOVE and she chose colours that reflected their wedding colour scheme (and this lady seriously likes pink so it could be nothing else!)

For the fabric, it was Mel’s decision to use the beautiful material from her own wedding dress. I KNOW! I would never have dared suggesting cutting up someone else’s wedding dress, but I was thrilled she suggested it and I think it’s the most fabulous way of preserving the most significant element of a bride’s big day! Mel’s dress was a two-piece so she was able to keep the stunning bodice, yet allow me and my hugely honoured dress making scissors to get acquainted with the skirt and its exquisite beading detail.







Mel was utterly thrilled with the finished article. Me too. What a lovely thing to look at every day.

“I didn’t want to sell my wedding dress, but I didn’t want it to be in a box in the loft for years. So Kathryn came up with a great idea and she used it in a piece of artwork. It’s gorgeous and I look at it every day! I would highly recommend Canvas Factory.”

Melanie has since commissioned me to create some personalised Minis for Minis name artwork for both her daughters using gorgeous gingham fabric from a baby grow they both wore as babies. Stunning. See them here or commission me to make some for you!

K x

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