Gone But Not Forgotton


Its over. All the planning, scheming and dreaming that has taken over your life for the last several eternities. Done. Dusted.

Just one day, but a lifetime of memories.

Memories kept alive with photos, videos, the dress (if you take it out the loft….) and conversations. But what about the details? Those painstaking hours you spent deliberating over the tiny details.

I did it too. How many wedding magazines?! (Pinterest wasn’t around then, ahem.) I spent hours blissfully trawling through the internet and magazines, conjuring up my dream wedding. The dresses are one thing, some say the biggest. But for me it was the whole picture, the look and feel of the whole day and how I wanted everyone to remember it. Which colour rose petals for the confetti, what decorations would adorn the guests’ tables, the flowers, the candles, the lace, the gems (sooooo sparkly), the little extras, the homemade favours, everything (even the weather! ha).








So much time is spent planning the big day (the first trimester), the day itself is incredible, better than could ever have been imagined (the second trimester), but what about the third? I hadn’t considered that. If I’m honest, I felt a bit flat. I wanted to remember those little details and see them every day, not just in photographs.

So I created a piece of artwork that represented that third trimester: The Aftermath. I used memorabilia saved from our wedding: dried rose petals, gems, feathers from the bridesmaids hair, heart shaped sugar cubes that I’d made, table confetti and one of the beautiful butterfly decorations that had adorned the flower arrangements.


To me, this piece shows the day which was full of love, laughter, great friends & family, all represented by the confetti and sparkles left behind. The butterfly flying off in the top corner represents the memories that were taken with us. It evokes such happy memories for me every time I look at it.

I have since created several works of art for other happy couples, using memorabilia collected from their special days. Even material from THE DRESS has been used!!

If you would like me to create a special piece of artwork for you, to capture your happy memories, please get in touch and we can discuss your commission. Gift vouchers available too – what a wonderful, original wedding present for a special couple!

K x

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