Snow Day

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Got to love a snow day!  7:03am this morning, text message received: SCHOOL IS CLOSED TODAY. 

Fortunately for me it wasn’t a work day today so, unlike some other parents who were tearing their hair out with despair, desperately trying to arrange childcare, we were screaming with delight and jumping round the bedroom in our PJs!

Now I know the good people of Great Britain do enjoy getting their knickers in a twist about school closures, transport meltdowns and bread shortages, but personally I think if it doesn’t happen that often, and I mean real, proper, insanely beautiful, fluffy, white stuff, then why not get stuck right in and enjoy it. And that we did….

This was my eldest’s first proper, official snow day and his little smiley face lapped it all up all day bless him. We’ve been painting, crafting, snowman sculpting, snow painting, snowball fighting and snowball sausage rolling (a new one on me). We were having so much fun in the garden that we never even made it out sledging!



The beautiful, blue-tinged winter wonderland that looked so enticing in the not-quite-daylight this morning. Just perfect and untouched, reminded me of Narnia.


Pre-breakfast snowman finger painting! They would have gone outside too if I’d let them! The snow just kept on falling and falling all morning. Too heavy to play out so we stayed cosy inside while the poor birdies outside hurried to find shelter. Mr Robin was thankful for his birdseed 🙂

As soon as the snow lightened up a bit we tumbled out, all excited in our snow gear, to build Mr Snowman in the front garden to welcome Daddy home from work (except he had slid a bit by tea time; his carrot nose had fallen off and he looked a bit scary quite frankly.)


Then into the back garden for snow ball fights, hide and seek and snow ball sausage rolling.
I have no pictures of this. I was laughing far too much. At myself.

Then for a yummy slow-cooked casserole for tea to warm us up and a nice hot bath. Both boys went out like a light and were sound asleep before 7pm. Can we have a snow day every day please?!

K x


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