Crafty Kids! Mother’s Day Workshop with Dore Primary School

Last week I ran two Mother's Day craft workshops at Dore Primary School, Sheffield. The pupils had the chance to create a beautiful personalised gift for their wonderful Mums! The workshops went really well and the kids made some fantastic masterpieces, there will be some very lucky mums opening their gifts next Sunday!

Make it Last Forever

Kids grow up so fast. Zoooom and they got big! But their clothes stay the same size. You only have to blink and they no longer fit into that adorable baby grow or that favourite, cute t-shirt. I hate putting their clothes away - it’s lovely if you’re planning to get them out again one day for another hopeful child, but if you’re done with that pukey, sleepless, nappy filled era, then it’s actually quite sad getting rid of those once-loved garments.